For the advancement of public health, redgroup embarked on a mission with hygiene technology provider Ecolab to identify ways to increase hand sanitization behavior within hospitality environments and public spaces. After identifying product opportunity areas, we led product development from the early stages of user research all the way to release for production. We continue to act as a managing partner for manufacturing and warehousing operations.

The freestanding station we designed led to greater deployment of sanitizer units by hotels and event facilities. This has been in large part due to the ability to customize the graphic treatment of these units per the customer brand, environment, or event – a key feature of our design. For facilities where sickness is common, the design also allows for seamless integration of a much needed tissue dispenser.

Before settling on the current design, redgroup conducted ethnographic, environmental design, and market research to understand hospitality guests, the use environment, and Ecolab’s B2B customers. Out of this fell several key findings, including the dissatisfaction of customers with freestanding sanitizer models currently on the market. Our analysis concluded with a product opportunity assessment and a summarization of customer and user preferences toward features, styling, and usability.

redgroup continued into the next phase of development by creating a range of concepts that could be reviewed by Ecolab, commercial customers, and users for early validation. For Ecolab’s stakeholders, we presented a high-level business case surrounding each concept. For customers and users, we highlighted unique features and form variations, allowing participants to weigh in on what aspects they favored most. This cycle of conceptualization, early prototyping, and validation was repeated several times in an iterative process to achieve the highest possible degree of clarity.

Combining the findings of our early studies and the outcome of our concept validation phase, redgroup down selected and refined two designs, looking closely at manufacturing feasibility while building out a detailed business case. This approach gave Ecolab’s stakeholders the ability to confidently assess and approve the designs, allowing redgroup to forge ahead toward production.

Our engineering team proceeded by building and refining CAD databases while managing the manufacture and testing of high-fidelity prototypes. At this time we also began sourcing manufacturing and off-the-shelf component vendors, striving to cut costs and shorten time to production.  Meanwhile, our design team worked to create the best possible user experience surrounding the unboxing and assembly of each freestanding sanitizer. This included the design of an elegant packaging solution and an easily grasped instruction manual.

redgroup continues to maintain the management of production and warehousing operations for this product.