We work to innovate and develop products that are designed to succeed in the competitive marketplace

redgroup is a Minneapolis based full service product development consultancy with over 20 years’ experience helping clients transform ideas into reality.

We tackle challenging problems with small nimble multidisciplinary teams utilizing design strategy, design thinking and human factors engineering to guide products from conception through manufacturing.

We are passionate about creating a better user experience while developing a well-engineered platform to enable a robust business model.

redgroup has been recognized for excellence in product design and development by numerous professional organizations including MD&M and CES.

Our team of experienced researchers, engineers, and designers collaborates with a wide-range of business clients from solo inventors, small startups to multinational fortune 500 companies.

redgroup innovates in all areas of product development and is especially experienced developing medical devices.

redgroup’s notable clients include, Olympus Medical, CSI, Ecolab, Medtronic, Carlisle, St. Jude Medical, 3M Medical and Boston Scientific.

Our Team
Lars Runquist

Lars is a seasoned innovator, strategic planner, and designer. He carries with him more than 30 years of industry experience in medical, consumer, and commercial product development. His leadership has proven to bring success to every venture in which he’s involved.

For the key role he has played in product development throughout his career, he’s been recognized worldwide by numerous design organizations and trade publications. His direction and fervent drive toward design excellence has lead redgroup to become a respected partner to many startups and fortune 500 companies alike.

Kevin Lochner
Mechanical Engineer

Kevin is a highly experienced mechanical engineer. He’s been involved in the engineering and production stages of over 200 products in nearly every category. He holds with him 30 years of design and manufacturing knowledge, which he imparts throughout the design process of every project at redgroup. In the latest stages of development, it’s Kevin who champions the moldability of plastic parts, building clean databases, managing vendors, and coordinating packaging and distribution when the need arises. This was exactly the role he played recently as he lead a client through the entire gamut of product development from early prototyping, to managing domestic and overseas vendors, to conducting warehousing and distribution operations.

While not driving projects Kevin can be found hunting down walleye on Minnesota’s 10,000 lakes.

Rich Thompson
Director of Industrial Design

A passionate and diversely capable designer and creative leader, Rich carries with him over a decade and a half of product development experience in a wide range of award winning medical devices, as well as consumer and industrial products. As design director, he’s skilled at running and contributing to small nimble multidisciplinary teams to develop challenging products for clients using design strategy, design thinking, user research, human factors engineering, advanced CAD and rapid prototyping, to get to manufacturing with well configured products that succeed in the competitive marketplace.

Rich has his BS in Industrial Design from the University of Cincinnati, and a BA in Economics from St. Olaf College, and has been named on numerous patents.

In his spare time, Rich takes on home remodeling projects while wrangling his two young boys.

Thom Tedham
Industrial Designer

Thom has a 30 year track record of delivering industrial design excellence. His highly successful history of development has led him to be involved in a wide range of consumer electronics, housewares, commercial, and medical device projects. He has been awarded over 30 utility and design patents.

Thom has his BS in Industrial Design from Carleton University.

Evan Leingang
Director of Engineering

Evan brings over a decade of product development experience to redgroup, with talents that span across several engineering and design fields. He thrives on projects requiring workable solutions under lightning fast timelines. Whether it’s developing functional prototypes, creating software for custom electromechanical gadgets, or navigating the complex regulatory landscape, Evan propels projects forward. A tinkerer at heart, he is driven by the need to explore the underpinnings of how a product works and how the user interacts with it at every level.

Away from the office Evan enjoys the challenges of backpacking, photography, and designing and building anything that needs to built. His skills have taken him from Eagle Scout to the summit of Mt Kilimanjaro.

Evan earned his BS and MS degrees in Mechanical Engineering with a focus on Human Factors and Ergonomics from the University of Minnesota. His research topics ranged from biomechanics to medical device design.

Alex Win
Mechanical Engineer

As a life-long tinkerer with a fascination for efficiency, Alex’s methodical approach to realizing project goals makes him a great problem solver, helping to fulfill redgroup’s developmental testing needs. An avid builder, he is constantly finding better ways to create and test prototypes rapidly and cost effectively to identify potential concerns early in the development process.

Alex earned his BS in Environmental Science from the University of Washington and his MS in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Minnesota.

He loves exploring new cultures and discovering new tastes through various cuisines. He has traveled independently to over 20 countries on four continents.

Rob Prickett
Industrial Design Consultant

Rob brings to redgroup over 5 years of experience in product development, aiding our clients both on a technical design and engineering level as well as in project management and product strategy. His range of domain of expertise ranges from early stage design conceptualization to ethnographic research in surgical studies and customer interviews alike.  He thrives on projects requiring user research, data gathering & mapping, market analysis, ergonomics studies, project management & direction, and front end conceptualization.

Away from the office Rob is an avid motorcyclist who loves exploring new places and cultures, while also pursuing entrepreneurial ventures.

Rob earned his BFA from the Milwaukee Institute of Art and Design in 2010.